WiSpire boosts rural broadband options with new satellite service

5th May 2016

WiSpire has launched a new satellite broadband services across Norfolk which will help bring fast internet access to everyone in the county.

The new service complements our church tower based wireless capabilities, reinforcing its commitment to providing fast, reliable broadband to all those in the county blighted by poor internet access.

We are also working with the Governments Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and Norfolk County Council to support their Better Broadband for Norfolk voucher scheme. The scheme provides a subsidy towards our wireless and satellite broadband connections for those who currently receive a service sub 2Mb/s.

Steve Maine, Chief Executive of WiSpire said; “Broadband is essential for modern living and now people who live in rural parts of the county will be better able to run their businesses, learn, stay in touch with family and friends and do much more online. As an added extra, WiSpire is also able to offer customers who sign up to the satellite service a unique Technology Guarantee, which means the customer can transfer across to a church based wireless service as soon as a WiSpire transmitter is in reach of their home or business.”

WiSpire Satellite broadband enables internet connectivity anywhere in Norfolk. Using a small dish on the outside of a property, along with a router inside, satellite broadband operates by sending and receiving broadband signals to a satellite about 22,000 miles in space. Through using this satellite, WiSpire can offer fast, reliable broadband to homes and business across the county who are currently blighted by a poor fibre or ADSL connection.

WiSpire is an official partner of Norfolk County Council – Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) – and the Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport – Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) – and the only Norfolk partner offering both wireless and satellite delivery through the Basic Broadband for All voucher scheme.

Our offers subsidised services from £22 per month providing an assured minimum 10Mb/s service.

For more information about our fixed wireless and satellite broadband, call our sales team on 01603 904040.


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