What speeds can I expect?

You are given access to the full purchased package speed. However, this can be affected during peak hours where you might notice a slight reduction in speed.

How do I report a fault?

To report a fault please call 01603 904040 or if you are not offline, please email customerservice@wispire.co.uk

How reliable is the service?

We have 24/7 monitoring so we are aware if there are any issues. Our network has been developed to be as resilient as possible.

It says “Congratulations, we are in your community”, does that mean I am guaranteed your wireless service?

Not necessarily, we do require line of sight or close to it for you to receive the service. Trees and other obstacles can block the line of sight and prevent the signal from reaching you. If you can see the church this almost always means you can get the service.

Because it is the only way i can have Broadband 24/7 BT where I live the land line is bad eonough and BT are UNABLE to supply us (6) houses with Broadband, my neighbours have dishes I was lukcy enough to be able to have signal from Guestwick church. Plus whenever I have had to ring Wispire I have found the folk in the office very helpful. Wispire Broadband is cheaper than BT I find! I cannot speak highly enough of this company

Mrs J Boldero

Wispire is the only viable option for a decent speed in our village and many others in Norfolk. It keeps our family online, streaming, shopping etc. The wispire team are helpful and responsive. A bit of a no brainier if you are struggling with poor connection out in the norfolk sticks!

There may be outages which are unavoidable but regular, relevant updates is all you need to do to keep your customers happy.

Great Plumstead Customer

I can't fault their customer service. They are proactive, give us updates that are relevant, and always make the communication personal. They respond to any communication really well and you get a feel for a team that is completely determined to offer the best service. A brilliant company!

Ros, Heydon

The installation was neat and issue free, using helpful staff. I have had one outage after a severe storm, but outside that, has proven much more reliable than my recent BT service. Out of peak times, I achieve my agreed transfer rates when connected via Lan, but via wifi, it seems to be less. There is reduced throughput at peak times, but usually not enough to stop me working.

Overall, a step forward for us.


From my very first enquiry, WiSpire personnel have been prompt, efficient and professional. Both office staff and installers have been able to answer all of my questions regarding an unorthodox installation, which was carried out very quickly and neatly. The company keeps in touch, often asking me if I'm happy with the service. A very friendly company and a pleasure to deal with, not to mention the very attractive pricing.

Patrick Wright

We recently had WiSpire installed as we are rural and our previous provision was hopeless. Installation staff were great and very thoughtful and helpful. Speed is now more than we have ever had before. Very pleased so far thank you - would recommend to rural households without question.

TIbenham User

Very helpful, knowledgeable and fast customer service, instillation went without a hitch and perfect aftercare support, extremely happy with the service.

Christopher Rowe

Excellent service. Installer very competent. WiFi good. Backup and support service second to none. Glad we decided to change provider. Feel secure in the fact if we need help it is there. Good group of staff

Shirley Whitehouse

Enjoying 11 Mb/s following our WiSpire install on Friday, having put up with average speeds of 0.1 to 1 Mb max for the last 3 years. Certainly pleased with the service so far, should have signed up sooner. Thanks WiSpire!

C Boardman

At last a proper Broadband provider thank you @WiSpire 10.10 Mbps 1.13 upload 26 Ping - your Techies were excellent as well #HappyCustomer

M Edney

Along with an excellent broadband service, our call quality is much improved after we transferred from landline to VoIP.

Paul, Hardingham

We are extremely happy both with the service provided and the effectiveness of the equipment.
The installation was quick and tidy. The setup was straight forward and unlike some providers, we attain the speeds that we expect.
The phone setup was a special bonus as we have little or no coverage for mobile phones .
All round ten out of ten….

Roy, Ringland

Highly recommend WiSpire to anyone having trouble with their internet. We found them to be reliable and not so expensive.

Sue Woodcock, Beeston

I have been impressed with the speed of service, both from the organisation and the technology.

John and Fiona, Beeston

Since I have had WiSpire I am so pleased with it compared to BT internet. Everything is so much quicker. I think it has been worth the money.

Pauline Dolby, Longham

High speed cable will never be available in a rural spot like this. Thank goodness for your speedy effective wireless Wi-Fi capability.

Frank Eliel, Woodbastwick