What is Wireless Broadband

WiSpire leading the broadband revolution!

WiSpire customers do not need a phone line and have a choice of two package types (RESIDENTIAL or BUSINESS) each with a choice of broadband speeds.

The whole system is based on radio wave transmission. Starting from WiSpire HQ at 36 Hurricane Way (near Norwich airport), high speed fibre optic connection is sent via transmitters on our 30 metre mast, broadcasting signal in all directions to mast installations across the county. WiSpire customers have a small discrete aerial fixed onto their property to allow them to receive this amazing new broadband service.

WiSpire is leading the broadband revolution starting here in Norfolk, by not relying on ageing telecoms lines and infrastructure. Although the system relies on line of site, Norfolk is an ideal location for a wireless broadband project due to the flatness of the area and the height of the mast. However, we will always confirm reception before carrying out any installation.

Did you know that very few countries in the world rely on a telecoms infrastructure to transmit broadband, and certainly not an antiquated network like the one we have in the UK. WiSpire with its innovative network is bringing the broadband of the future into Norfolk right now!

Our speeds advertised are not ‘Burst’ or ‘Up To’ speeds, the speed we advertise is the one you will consistently and reliably get. If other service providers advertise speeds as Up To 4 MB, or maximum Burst speeds of 4 MB, be wary of this. Burst speeds are temporary and only last for seconds; if a provider advertises speeds in this way you need to ask what your actual sustained speed will be! Burst speeds are a very clever marketing ploy, so that a service can be advertised at a much higher speed than it really is.

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